Mx. Thea Sky Barnes

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Sky Barnes
Software Architect
Phone: (540) 207-6587


Expert programmer, aspiring writer, and Digimon fan


Dendron, Virginia 23839 US


2022-11-15 - 2023-08-31

Backend developer for a telehealth service

  • Worked with Django and Django REST Framework
  • Created much of the database structure
  • Developed the API used by the frontend
  • Wrote detailed documentation for other developers
2020-02-24 - 2020-08-31

Full stack developer for an ecommerce website

  • Worked with Ruby on Rails
  • Designed and implemented complex data structures
  • Wrote detailed documentation for other developers
Web Mistress
2017-10-11 - 2018-09-07

Administrating and managing WordPress sites

  • Administrated and managed websites
  • Managed and made technical decisions for company websites
  • Created and maintained WordPress plugins
  • Modified and improved WordPress themes
  • Handled communicating technical details to non-technical staff
  • Kept site uptime high
Lead Engineer
2014-01-15 - 2016-01-01

Backend web development and server administration, utilizing PHP, MySQL, and Apache running on Ubuntu Linux.

  • Developed database and backend technologies (PHP, Doctrine ORM, MySQL) for a massive music licensing web store
  • Refactored and improved several legacy codebases, for performance and better adherence to standards
Owner / Lead Software Architect
2013-04-08 - present

Doing freelance software engineering projects, especially web development and browser extension development, managing business resources, software project management.

  • Became one of the top Google Chrome extension developers on Elance
  • Developed Google Chrome Native Client applications in C++
  • Created modular, scalable backend code for e-commerce sites and web apps using Django, Ruby on Rails, and Zend Framework 2
  • Built fast, responsive, elegant frontend web app code using AngularJS, Bootstrap, Foundation, and Angular-Material
  • Developed themes and plugins for both Magento and Wordpress
  • Chose technologies and implemented designs for a video game console (Chromium OS-based)
  • Created specialized software for embedded systems, some using Raspberry Pi, others using custom ARM-based boards
  • Configured mobile apps for release for Google Play, Amazon App Store, and Microsoft Windows Store (UWP)
  • Manage git repositories, set up virtual machines and development environments (RVM, Docker, virtualenv)
  • Co-founded the company with my wife, Jennifer
President / Owner
2012-10-06 - 2014-10-23

Developed No-Dice, a platform for roleplaying gamers.

  • Managed the project and handled DevOps and server administration
  • Designed and coded Django HTML templates, LESS/CSS, and JavaScript
  • Created the backend code in Python using Django
  • Developed RESTful APIs for the site using Django REST Framework
  • Maintained the company blog, as well as much of the company's social media presence
  • Co-founded the company and lead development
Chief Technology Officer
2011-12-15 - 2012-10-26

Managed the software projects, maintained the company's server, and managed the company's social media presence

  • Planned and implemented version control and project management for
  • Handled all of the DevOps for the company (Apache Server, Rackspace, Django/Python, Git Version Control)
  • Maintained the company's social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Assisted in development of the site design and code for (Python/Django, CSS3, HTML5)

Volunteer Work

Social Media Leader
2018-10-05 - 2020-06-01
James River Transgender Society

Handling social media accounts and communicating with members and other leaders

  • Managing and moderating social media profiles and groups
  • Managing members and contact info for leaders


Information Technology (Other)
2001-09-14 - 2014-12-14
Germanna Community College

  • C++ Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Unix Systems
  • Network Security and Firewalls
  • Database Administration I
  • web Design I
  • Web Design II
Web Development (Other)
2021-07-25 - present
The Linux Foundation

  • Node.js Application Development - LFW211


  • Application Development (Master)

    C, C++, Python, GTK+, GNOME, GTK, Qt, Ubuntu, Threading, Library/API Development, Debian/Ubuntu Packages, Apt, Xamarin.Forms

  • Backend Web Development (Master)

    Django, Ruby on Rails, Zend Framework, REST APIs, JSON, Python, Ruby, Node.js, PHP, Doctrine ORM, PostgreSQL, MySQL

  • Frontend Web Development (Master)

    Angular, Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, LESS, Sass, SCSS, CoffeeScript, HAML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

  • DevOps (Master)

    Configuration Management, Continuous Delivery/Deployment, Version Control, git, GitHub, Bitbucket, JIRA, osTicket, Analytics, New Relic


  • Open Source — Android, Ubuntu, Linux, Chrome OS, SteamOS
  • Home Automation — Android Wear, Raspberry Pi, ARM, IoT


Thea is an all-star developer. I hired Thea to help me get a startup product out of dev, and into the hands of customers. She jumped in feet first and turned our ideas into reality. She is proactive with her architectural design and has been consistently delivering high quality code and solutions to our live servers. I will continue to hire Thea for our projects, because I know that I can count on her to solve the problems, improve the outcome and deliver the product. Thea "gets it". And that's important when you're trying to explain complex plans and ideas. Once she "gets it"... she's on the run turning your plans and ideas into reality. I'm truly impressed, daily. Thea is going to have a stellar career, I'm happy to be a part of it. Great job Thea, I can't say that enough.

— Patrick Wilson

Thea is one of the finest programmers, and technical project managers, I have ever known. She effortlessly breaks down complex issues into manageable chunks, and is an expert at making sure we take advantage of open source technologies available to us. She's also great at leading projects involving re-engineering/sanitizing an existing codebase.

— Jenny Barnes

Thea is very adept at programming, and her facility with C is quite impressive. She is very creative and intelligent, and excellent at out-of-the-box thinking. In addition to having taught Thea both basic Java programming and mathematics, I have contracted her for several projects over the past several years. In this professional capacity, she has never disappointed me.

— Steven LePire

Mx. Sky Barnes

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