T. Scott Barnes

Contact Info

Timothy Scott Barnes


Software developer with experience in the open source community looking to work in a professional software development position which will allow me to utilize my programming knowledge and provide a solid foundation for professional experience, with opportunities for advancement.

Skills & Expertise

  • Programming
  • C
  • Linux
  • Python
  • C++
  • Java
  • Customer Service
  • Network Security
  • Management
  • Networking
  • Unix
  • Database Administration
  • Shell Scripting
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • Open Source
  • SQL
  • Ubuntu
  • Databases
  • TCP/IP
  • HTML
  • Technical Support
  • Apache
  • System Administration


President/Owner at No Dice, LLC to
I am the founder of the company and I lead the development of No-Dice.Net, a website for roleplaying gamers. I have done extensive work designing and coding HTML templates, CSS, and Javascript, as well as writing the backend code in Python using Django. I also develop the RESTful API for the site using Django REST Framework. I also maintain the company blog, llc.no-dice.net, as well as much of the company's social media presence.
Customer Service Associate at Food Lion to
My responsibilities include assisting customers with handling groceries, maintaining the storefront, and running the cash register.
Chief Technology Officer at Archimedes Lever to
I performed administration and maintenance of the server for ubookt.com, maintained the company's social media presence, made and implemented technical decisions for the server, and assisted in development of the site design and code for ubookt.com.
Computer Technician at Stafford County to
I maintained Microsoft Windows NT 4 workstations for government employees; performed on-site troubleshooting of computer-related issues and providing in-person help for employees having difficulty with the workstation applications; and repaired/replaced computer components including monitors, peripherals and internal components.


Django Bootstrap Themes to
Members: Timothy Barnes
Developing and maintaining a Django app for allowing selectable themes using Twitter Bootstrap.
Indicator-Keylock to
Members: Timothy Barnes
Developing an application indicator for Ubuntu that displays the status of the various lock keys, for systems that lack the keyboard LEDs.
GNOME Lock Dialog Preferences to
Members: Timothy Barnes
Developed an application for controlling various "hidden" features of the GNOME lock dialog from GNOME 2.
No-Dice.Net to
Members: Timothy Barnes, Steven Lepire, Jenny Barnes

Volunteer Experience

System Technician at Dubs Etc -
I tested computer components donated to the company, repaired damaged computer systems, and built new computer systems for sale to benefit the disabled.


Germanna Community College
Information Systems Technology, in progress


Information Systems Technology at Germanna Community College
Course Name Course Number
Web Design II ITD 210
Web Design I ITD 110
Database Administration ITD 136
Java Programming I IST 149
C++ Programming IST 156
Network Security & Firewalls ITN 263
Unix Systems ITN 171


Scott is very adept at programming, and his facility with C is quite impressive. He is very creative and intelligent, and excellent at out-of-the-box thinking. In addition to having taught Scott both basic Java programming and mathematics, I have contracted him for several projects over the past several years. In this professional capacity, he has never disappointed me.
— Steven Lepire, Scribe and Tutor, Germanna Community College, taught Timothy at Northern Virginia Community College